Post Natal Checks

The post natal period is an extraordinary period of time in a woman's life. While pregnant you have either stopped all activity or changed what you would normally do. Post-delivery you are led to believe after a vaginal delivery you can go back to previous activity after 6 weeks and after caesarean section after 12 weeks and this can lead to long term issues. 

The problem faced by most new mothers are tummy separation (diastasis), low back pain, tummy control and poor posture. Many also experience issues with bladder control and also wind and bowel control. Here at Holywood Pilates and Physiotherapy Clinic, we have developed a total 360 well woman check to help you address any post-natal issues or concerns. Our specialist Pelvic Physiotherapist has extensive experience in assessing and treating pelvic disorders and pregnancy related issues that may arise.

In this in-depth assessment you will receive:

  • Full Posture screen to help correct pregnancy changes.

  • Assessment of tummy for Diastasis (tummy gap) and tone.

  • C/section assessment and scar tissue management.

  • Pelvic Floor muscle assessment.

  • Screening for post-natal bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

  • General advice to help limit low back pain.

You will receive an individual rehabilitation plan depending on your initial assessment which will help you to meet the goals you wish to achieve.

This is suitable from 6 weeks postnatal.


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